Did you know that you could be evaluated and treated by a licensed Physical Therapist without a referral/prescription from your physician?

How does Direct Access work?
In Pennsylvania, direct access allows you to see a certified physical therapist immediately for up to 30 days without a referral. In some cases a therapist may determine that you need further testing or that you are not an appropriate candidate for therapy at the time of evaluation and will refer you to your physician or a specialist. Wallace & Nilan Physical Therapy is direct access certified giving you the access to physical therapy you need, so you can get back to what moves you.

What are the benefits of Direct Access?
Immediate access to physical therapy for everyday issues could prevent chronic conditions, decrease medical costs, and reduce the use of medication. You can trust our direct access certified therapists to evaluate your condition and begin your treatment right away. Conditions often treated through Direct Access:

◦ Sports Injuries
◦ Low Back Pain
◦ Neck Pain
◦ Arthritis
◦ Tendonitis
◦ Knee Pain
◦ And many more!

What else should you consider?
It is important for you to be familiar with your insurance plan in order to know what is covered. The usual copays/deductibles/co-insurances will still apply, and the name and contact information of your primary care physician is required for your medical record. If treatment is necessary beyond 30 days, we will work with you to obtain a prescription from your doctor.

Call the location most convenient for you and our Insurance Specialists will verify your coverage and review your options with you.