Pain is uncomfortable, achy, tender, debilitating, and just plain annoying! Have you been suffering with pain? Has it kept you from the things you love to do?  Odds are it has!

October is National Physical Therapy Month, our favorite month of the year because it puts the emphasis on what we like to do which is help our patients get back to what moves them!  This year we are taking time to recognize that physical therapy is the safe solution to manage your pain. If your goal is relieve pain, restore health, and return to your active lifestyle then here are some reasons to #ChoosePT and manage your pain safely:

We Find the Source
Getting to the source of your pain is the first step to managing it! When you first start physical therapy at Wallace & Nilan we do a personalized evaluation where we find the source of your pain and through our diagnosis can develop a treatment plan just for you.

No Surgery Needed
Scheduling time with a physical therapist can result in minimizing, and possibly eliminating your pain! Avoiding not only the risks of surgery, but the costs and time associated with recovery as well. In 2015, Harvard performed a case study on patients who had surgery verses physical therapy for their lower back pain. The case study determined physical therapy was as good, if not better option than surgery, and way less risky! Another reason to #ChoosePT first!

No Medication Needed
Medications just mask the pain, temporarily giving you relief. They are not beneficial if you are looking to restore your health and get back to a pain free lifestyle. The American Physical Therapy Association lays out many of the main reasons you should Choose Physical Therapy for Your Pain Management, they warn that medications cause risk for depression and addiction.  Avoid the prescription of opioids and other highly addictive pain medications, and #ChoosePT first!

No Prescription Needed
If you are in pain, through Pennsylvania’s direct access you can receive physical therapy treatment for 30 days WITHOUT a prescription! Call the Wallace & Nilan Physical Therapy location most convenient for you and our Insurance Specialists will verify your coverage and review your options with you.

Physical therapists owned and operated, Wallace & Nilan Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing the highest, and safest, level of care. We deliver personalized treatments for a variety of conditions and diagnoses, with strategies designed to help you get better and stay better!